Wearing White for Fall? Yes – If You Do It Right!

Even though we’re so over that old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day, a lot of people still struggle with how to do it well.  And it’s such a delight when you’re out and about and see someone (in this case, two someone’s) who do it so well.  I saw this lovely couple, Lamonica and Anthony, recently at a concert and just had to ask them if I could feature them in my blog, because they have truly nailed how to wear white in the Fall.

white after Labor DayBy pairing brown accessories with the white, it adds a deeper, warmer element to their look, picking up the earthy tones we see so much of in this season. The rich quality of the leather touches – the band on his hat, his leather belt (which is a bit difficult to see in this photo), the leather shoes they are both wearing, and the substantial statement purse she is carrying – all add up to serve as a cohesive example of a great way to wear white into the Fall season.

Kudos to Lamonica and Anthony for the style lesson!

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